On podcasting

One of the first podcasts I listened to was The Moth, closely followed by Risk!, Strangers, Tell The Bartender, the list goes on. I fell into story telling in a big way. And the more I thought about podcasts, and wanting to do them, the more I thought about a podcast like the above, but dedicated specifically to mental health. Sharing stories, sharing experiences, giving people a safe space for people to express themselves around mental health: theirs, other people’s, whatever.

It might be dark and heavy at times, it’ll probably be funny at times, and there’d be some logistics to figure out, but I have some ideas:

  • Skype has a voicemail feature. I have no idea how long messages can be, but short stories can be submitted through these, even anonymously, at any time.
  • I can record Skype conversations on my mac
  • I can do interviews/in person recordings
  • It doesn’t have to be super regular: once a month, something like that

Things that I’d need to sort out:

  • A name
  • A website
  • Libsyn or other hosting for the podcast
  • People to be on it, at least to begin with. I’d like to think I could get submissions once the show gets an audience

I’d like people’s thoughts, or input. Would you be interested in being on it? Listening? Anyone got any name ideas? Anyone think this is a terrible idea?