Contributing to Geek Mental Help week if you’ve never used Git

I want to contribute to, but I have no idea how to use Git to make a submission!

Fear not! Come under my wing, and let me, someone who has only ever used Git for Geek Mental Help Week, guide you through this process.

Step one: Make a thing for contribution. We need #content, whether that is blogs, podcasts, events, etc.

Step two: Go to

Step two point five: Make a account

Step three: Click on Index.html

Step 4: Edit Index.html by clicking on the pencil icon


Step 5: Make your edit. Copy the submission template, and fill in your details. Example:

<div class=”submission”>
<p class=”date”><time datetime=”YYYY-MM-DD”>DD Month YYYY</time></p>
<a href=”Submission link”>Submission title</a>
<p class=”author”>
<i>by</i> <a href=”link to you somewhere”>your name</a>
A strapline/teaser text


Step 6: Give your change a title, and Propose a change. This will make a copy of the Geek Mental Help code in your github account.


Then you make a Pull Request to send the proposed changes to the owners of the site. They can then add the new code to the site, or talk to you if there is an issue, and help you fix it.

Step 7: Create a Pull Request


Step 8: Give your Pull Request a name and submit it


Your submission is made! The site owners will be alerted to your proposed change, can review it, and then add it to the site. If they need to contact you, you’ll get an email to the email address you signed up to Github with, and will be able to work with them to get your submission right. If you need any more help, we’re more than happy to do so! Contact us on twitter @geekmentalhelp