Work and Experience

Work and Experience


I have years of customer service and support experience, both in a creative agency environment and a more traditional customer service environment (Dispensing Assistant and Supervisor at Lloyds Pharmacy).

During my career I’ve provided service and support to a diverse range of people, from people who needed step by step instructions and guidance, right up to developers.

My day to day duties involve:-

First line support:- mostly either minor site updates – font changes, etc, or clients needing guidance about the best way to do things.

Bug investigation:- All bug reports from clients come to an email address that I monitor, and it’s my job to figure out if the bug is a bug, or a case of the client wanting a different function, or the client not knowing precisely how to use the system.

I then respond as needed – either with support and instructions, or an email asking for more information (if I can’t reproduce it, or if the client wants a new feature), or telling the client I’ll have a developer look into it.

In the case of the latter the bug report/new feature spec is put into a ticket and them managed using Trello.

Bug fixes:- all bug fixes and new features come to me for testing. This is the most time consuming part of my work. First I need to check I can still reproduce the bug and that any other fixes that have gone live between this initial report and this point have affected it. Then I need to test the fix does I what we need it to, and the expected behaviour occurs. Then, depending on the size of the fix, I either do a full site check to make sure no other functions are adversely affected, or just put the fix live.

The remaining bits are dedicated to whatever is needed; making new email addresses for clients, liaising with third parties like sagepay and rackspace, documentation of new features and fixes, and doing full site tests for new projects.


I have a degree in Biochemistry, and the problem solving skills and the precise nature of lab work serves me well in testing and support. Technical and precise writing was something that was taught and practiced often in my degree (one of my most awkward assignments was writing a Précis of a full scientific paper. The paper was almost 4000 words, my précis was just under 1000).

Examples of my writing can be found here on the site, and examples of my presentations can be found on slideshare.

Outside of work

I love learning, and constantly want to expand my skills. I’ve done multiple courses on Codecademy, and have taught myself basic Git so as to do my job more efficiently.

I’m currently looking into behat, and the test plans and other documentation that I’ll generate will be going in my portfolios section here and on GitHub.

I’m also an active member of Manchester Girl Geeks, a non-profit organization dedicated to all things geeky. We run monthly events that are everything from talks by scientists and hackers, to hands-on events like building a PC and making soft toy electronics. This year is my first year as a volunteer, and will be running events in July and November.


I am currently employed, but always up for a geeky chat about pretty much anything 😀

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